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Klear Smiles Aligners

Klear choice for a winning smile

Klear Smiles aligners can help older teens & adults get the confidence-building smile they’ve always wanted.

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Klear Smiles Aligners

Safely straighten your teeth discreetly, without letting anyone else know. We offer faster treatment times & can subtly straighten your smile & no one will know. Klear aligners are also removeable so, there are no restrictions on foods you can eat. Just remove them & eat or drink anything you want.

Is Klear Smiles right for me and my family?

Probably Yes. Klear Smiles is great for most people who want a perfect smile that is achieved in less time, with less restrictions. Klear Smiles Aligners is a great option for some teens and adults.

What are Klear Smiles Aligners?

Klear Smiles Aligners are the most invisible way to straighten your teeth. We customize your aligners specially for you, with precision fit & optimized trim heights to capture hard & soft tissue anatomy for exceptional control with little to no attachments. Each Aligner is worn for about 1-2 weeks until the position of your teeth is optimized. The position of your teeth & your unique plan will be determined by your clinically trained doctor.

Girl before and after Klear Aligners
Girl before and after Klear Aligners
Boy before and after Klear Aligners

Quicker Results

Achieve a new smile in less time than traditional braces. The smile you want in a faster & healthy way.

Customized Fit

We customize to your unique smile. Our aligners are more comfortable than regular aligners & braces.

Smiling for Life

Straighter teeth, healthy smile & reaching your goals all starts with your first set of Klear Smiles Aligners.

Benefits of Klear Smiles Aligners

  • 1. Exceptional Fit Uniquely captures all available tooth & soft tissue anatomy
  • 2. Optimizied Trim Contoured to capture the interproximal & gingival margins, further enhancing control independent of attachments
  • 3. ClearWear™ Material Precise force levels for comfort & speed of treatment
  • 4. Crystal Clear ClearWear™ Material is guaranteed not to stain or discolor
  • 5. Silky Smooth Edges Provide maximum patient comfort


Certified Doctor

A clinically certified doctor oversees every step. From your in-person FREE consultation to your final aligner, we ensure your smile is healthy for years.

Better Results

Straighter teeth and a healthier smile with a certified doctor. This means a better outcome than ‘As Seen on TV’ Do-It-Yourself plans.

No Hassle

Unlike other aligners you hear about, Klear Smiles Aligners fit comfortably in your mouth with less attachments

No Discoloration

Klear Smiles Aligners are the clearest aligners available today. Unlike the competition, our aligners never become cloudy or discolored.

Convenient Pick Up

Your new aligners can be picked up every couple months in office at your convenience. When you’re here, Our doctors will check to make sure your treatment plan is on track.

Easy In & Out

Never worry about what you are going to eat next, you can take your Klear Smiles Aligners in & out easily.

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