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General Dentistry

General Dentistry Services

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General Dentistry Services

Customized Treatment Plans

General Dentistry Services

Preventative Care for Oral Health

Customized Care for All

At Pine Dentistry & Braces, we give every patient our full attention and respect. Each appointment includes a consultation for ongoing care. Our staff is standing by to support you and answer your questions.

Washington, D.C.’s Preferred Dentist for Families

You care about your family and so do we. We want to help you prioritize your family’s dental health. Our staff is trained to provide service to patients of all ages, including cleanings, x-rays, braces, and more. We look forward to welcoming you!

Confident Smiles are our Specialty

If you’re concerned that quality braces are out of your reach, our staff is here to help. Straightening and spacing teeth can improve your dental health and give you more confidence in your smile.

Accessible Dentistry for our Community

In addition to addressing your health concerns, our staff is qualified and ready to help you overcome the barriers that keep you and your family from visiting the dentist regularly. Whether you’re nervous for your visit or unsure of your financial responsibility, we’re here to help! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to care for your family.

Educating Every Patient

Patient Education

Our “Tell, Show, Do” Approach

Patient Education

A Lifetime of Healthy Habits

Patient Education

We Respect Each and Every Patient

Early Education and Prevention

From tooth decay to cavities, many of the complications that young patients face can be prevented with proper daily care. We’ll work alongside your family to make sure that children understand how to care for their teeth. Our staff uses a “Tell, Show, Do” approach to help children understand what happens during their visit and beyond. We’re happy to answer any questions that they may have.

Daily Care for Overall Health

Most patients visit the dentist twice a year- so what are they doing to care for their teeth the rest of the time? During your visit, our staff will explain and emphasize the things that you can do at home to care for your teeth, such as good brushing, flossing, and eating habits. These habits will empower children to be proactive about their health.

Outstanding Care for Your Family

We take our jobs seriously, so when our patients entrust themselves and their families to us for care, we are sure to deliver the best possible service. From the moment you enter our comfortable, family-friendly offices to the moment you leave, you will be treated with respect and attention.

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Insurance we accept

We Accept Medicaid Plans, SCHIP, and Tricare

Insurance we accept

We Accept Most Private and Employer Insurance Plans

Insurance we accept

Remember: Bring Your Photo ID and Insurance Card

We Accept Most
Insurance Plans

We accept most major insurance plans: State and military providers include Medicaid, including DC QPA, DHCF, AmeriHealth, Amerigroup, Healthy Smiles, Avesis Trusted Health, Scion, Dentaquest, State Children's Health Insurance Programs (SCHIP), and Tricare. Commercial and employer-sponsored insurance providers include Cigna, Aetna, Wellcare, Humana, MH.

Important Information for your Visit

It’s important that you provide a photo ID and contact information. If you plan to use your insurance coverage, please bring a current insurance card. Our office may also request the date of birth and phone number of the patient being treated and/or their parent or guardian.

Your Insurance Questions, Answered

Many patients benefit from discussing their insurance coverage with our office before their visit. Our office staff will help you understand the cost of your visit and any discounts available. Talk to our staff to request a free consultation or estimate of costs.

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